Aligned Entrepreneur Secrets PA 01 FINAL 1
Aligned Entrepreneur Secrets
  • Virtual Business Owners - Coaches, Consultants, Marketing Agencies, e-Commerce, or Service Providers
  • Must have at least 3 team members
  • All industries
  • $250K-$2M annual revenue
  • Please Note: No Start-up Coaches or Consultants
Associations Thrive
Associations Thrive
  • CEO or Executive Director of an association or nonprofit
  • Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, San Francisco, CA
  • Your organization has launched a new initiative in the past two years that is positively impacting your membership, revenue and engagement
B2B Tech Founders Lounge PA 2 04
B2B Tech Founders Lounge Podcast
  • US only
  • Founders, Co-Founders, or CEOs who know about SEO and its value for their businesses
  • B2B SaaS or IT companies
  • Has 15-200 employees

Brand-Forward Leadership

  • Global, but English-speaking please
  • 40+ years old
  • Service-based Business Leaders, Owners/Presidents, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers
  • Must earn a minimum $50,000 annually
      Breakthrough Brand Show

      The Breakthrough Brand Show with Fabi Paolini

      • US only
      • 35+ years old
      • High-authority experts, coaches, thought-leaders, or consultants
      • Must earn minimum 6 figures annually
      • No Product-based businesses, please
          Choosing Leadership logo
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          Choosing Leadership

          • C-Suite leaders (CEO / COO / CTO / CPO / CMO), Entrepreneur, Founder, Co-Founder, Senior Manager or Executive (midsize to large companies)
          • Tech Companies
          • United States, Canada, European, Middle Eastern, and Indian time zones
          • Company should have 25+ employees
          Creating Powerful Impact
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          Creating Powerful Impact Podcast
          • Owner, CEO, Founder, President
          • Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurs, Business, Personal Development or Wellness/Health Coaches
          • Grossing minimum 6 figures annually
          Digital Empowerment podcast logo
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          Digital Empowerment
          • Business Owners and Marketing Managers
          • Any industry welcome
          Executing the Vision Podcast logo
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          Executing the Vision
          • Owner, C-Suite
          • Agriculture, Mortgage Banking, Retail, Wireless, or Healthcare industries
          • 100+ employees
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          Experience-Focused Leaders
          • CEO, CMO, CRO, VP of Sales, VP of Communications, VP of Brand & Content, GM, and heads of large agencies
          • Book authors or those with upcoming book launch
          • Tech, B2B, Financial Services, Life Science, Insurance industries, SaaS
          • Must have a marketing team
          • Business has minimum of 500 employees
          Experts Speak with Michael Delon
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          Experts Speak with Michael Delon
          • Founders, CEOs, Owners, Professional Services or Professional Consultants
          • US only
          • Grossing minimum 6 figures annually
          Ferocious Achiever PA 5 01
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          Ferocious Achiever
          • Founders, CEOs, Owners, C-Suite Executives in any industry
          • The Americas, Europe, Australia
          • Grossing $250K+ annually
          High Profit Event Show PA 3 02 FINAL
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          High Profit Event Show
          • Business owners, thought leaders, coaches, and speakers who have been in business for 5+ years and have built a community, customer base, and culture of integrity
          • USA, Canada, UK, Australia
          • Has a team and infrastructure in place with 1-3 sales pros
          • Has created own courses/books that have sold
          • Grossing 7 figures and want to scale to 8+ figures
          Home Service Small Business Spotlight
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          Home Service Small Business
          • Business Owner in the Home Services Industry (Disaster Restoration, HVAC, Plumbing, Cleaning Services)
          • US only
          • Grossing minimum 6 figures annually
          Innovate Elevate Podcast Logo
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          Innovate & Elevate
          • CTO, VP of Engineering, Chief Innovation Officer, VP of Product, VP of Data
          • Computer Software, IT Services, FinTech/Financial Services, HealthTech (including Medical Devices, but no doctors and hospitals), Business Services. A special focus on PE-backed SaaS
          • US only
          • $15M-750M in annual revenue with 40+ employees
          • High-growth companies with stable funding investing in innovation working with technology partners in the Americas
          Kingdom ROI
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          Kingdom ROI: Return on Intention Podcast
          • Business owner, CEO backed by Venture Capital or Private Equity, VC/PE/IPO, Founding Member, Board of Director Oversight
          • US and Canada
          • Any industry
          • Faith Based, Married with kids, building something, and family is important to them
          • $750,000+ annual income for a business owner OR $1+ million annual income for CEO of a business
          leaders legacies
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          Leaders & Legacies
          • CEO, Founder, C-Suite, owner of B2B company with a high-ticket service
          • $250k or more in annual revenue
          • USA, Canada
          • No financial businesses, please
          Leaders on the Rise PA 2 02
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          Leaders on the Rise
          • CEOs, C-Suite Executive, Decision makers, Successful Business Leaders, Influential Entrepreneur
          • US only
          • Looking to grow and expand brand and business
          • Must be a Market leader, emerging midsize, or small business that is generating between $500k to $1mil annually
          Lets Talk About it
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          Leaders on the Rise
          • Open to ANYONE in the world
          • Any industry
          Passion on Purpose Leaders on Center Stage PA 2 01 FINAL
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          Passion on Purpose
          • CEO, Founder, or Business Owner of any industry who are passionate about what they do
          • US only
          • Grossing minimum 7 figures annually
          People Strategy Leaders
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          People Strategy Leaders
          • Head of HR, VP of HR, CHRO, CEO/C-suite, VPO, COO, President, VP of talent management, management consultant, HR analyst, head of employee experience or engagement
          • US only
          • Businesses or organizations that hire a lot of Millenials and Gen Z, and are tech savvy
          Product led growth leaders
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          Product Led Growth Leaders
          • CEO or Product Owner, VP of Product
          • B2B Software industry
          Profit Powerhouse Podcast Logo
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          People Strategy Leaders
          • Chief Revenue Officers and CEO, CTO, CIO, and other high-level executives that are involved in driving revenue within their own organization
          • You offer higher-value services to business leaders/owners
          • US and Canada
          • Company should be earning 6+ figures annually
          • NO business coaches or consultants at this time
          Savvy Booked Blessed PA 01 1
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          Savvy, Booked & Blessed
          • Female ONLY, Coach or creative solopreneur who has been in business at least 1-2 years
          • US only
          • Grossing minimum 6 figures annually
          • Looking for bold females who want to grow and expand their lives
          Podcast Thumbnail
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          Scaling the Gap
            • CEO, COO, Founder, Owner, CRO
              • Established businesses in: Home Services *, Home Improvement *, Building/Construction, Building Supply/Furniture, Retail *, Professional or Financial Services, Manufacturing
              • $1M+ in annual revenue
              • Has 5+ employees
              • US and Canada only

              *Businesses found on platforms like Yelp, Houzz, Angi, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack

            Scaling Through Structure 1
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            Scaling Through Structure
            • Director / Vice President
              • Sales / Marketing / B2B Companies in any industry
              • Should have 100+ employees
              The Shift Spotlight PA 2 FINAL
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              The Shift Spotlight
              • CEO, Owner, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Founder & Co-Founder
              • You employ 2+ full-time managers or leaders.
              • You are willing to share your amazing expertise and ups and downs of running a business.
              • Please Note: NO solopreneurs.
              Six Figure Spotlight PA2 02 FINAL 1
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              Six-Figure Speaker Spotlight
              • Speakers, Leaders, Experts, Coaches, Authors and Entrepreneurs
              • US & Canada, or those who will be speaking in the US or Canada
              • Grossing minimum 6 figures annually
              Value Growth Podcast PA 5 01
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              The Value Growth Podcast
              • Business owner, President, C-Suite or Organizational Change Agent
              • Manufacturing with $5M+ annual revenue and the associations manufacturers belong to
              • National consulting/advisory firms and the associations they belong to
              • If you are a Business Advisor - We are not looking for general business consultants. We welcome functional areas experts i.e.. Leadership, Planning, Sales, Marketing, Operations, People, Finance or Legal to discuss how their functional area relates to Value Growth principles. Please indicate your area of expertise on the application.
              • Please Note: NO Start-ups, CPAs, or law firms
              What I Learned AFTER Law School PA5 01 5
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              What I Wish I Learned in Law School
              • Owner, Managing Partner, Partner, Shareholder in practice at least 10 years
              • Elder law, Estate Planning, Probate, and Family law
              • Grossing minimum $120,000 annually
              • US only