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  • Conscious Coaches on a Mission:
  • -US, UK, Australia, Canada
  • -30-60 years old conscious FEMALE leaders who feel they have a Mission and desire to innovate the industry or positively impact human collective
  • -Coaches, Mentors, Healers in Personal Transformation, Spirituality, and Health & Wellness fields (Solopreneurs, CEOs, Founders)
  • -Must earn $60k-$250k annually
  • -Want work/life balance, sustainable scaling without burnout, conscious aligned wealth
  • -ABSOLUTELY NO business coaches. NO medical doctors. NO marketing agencies
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  • Creating Powerful Impact Podcast:
  • -30-60 years old
  • -Owner, CEO, Founder, President
  • -Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurs, Business, Personal Development or Wellness/Health Coaches
  • -Must earn 6-7 figures annually

  • The Limitless MD: Freedom, Wealth and Human Optimization
  • -US based
  • -35+ years
  • -Physician, Specialist Doctor
  • -500k-750k annual revenue
  • -No Physician trainees
The Ops Management Show Hosted by Tommy Yionoulis PA-02

  • The Ops Management Show:
  • -Must be located in North America
  • -VP of Operations, VP of Operations Services, Owner, C-Suite
  • -Restaurants / Grocery / Convenience Stores / Healthcare / Automotive / Senior Living industries with 25+ locations
  • -Has end customers or franchisee clients
People-First Leaders PA 2 - FINAL

  • People First Leaders:
  • -Must be 40-60 years old
  • -Founder, CEO, COO, or CFO
  • -Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Automotive or Food & Beverage
  • -The business must earn $10M or more annually
  • -US & Canada
The Provider's Egde Podcast Logo

  • The Provider’s Edge Podcast:
  • -US only
  • -30+ years old
  • -Owners/Executives
  • -Medical, dental, or holistic practices
  • -Must make $250,000+ annually
The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care

  • The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care with Alison Katschkowsky
  • -Owners, Founders, Business Leaders, COOs, Visionaries, VPs, or Principal Partners who are 45+ years old
  • -Health and Wellness business and retreats
  • -Earning $150K+ annually
  • -Aims to embody more self-care and overall wellness for their company and their mission.
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