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  • 6 – Figure Coaches with Luke Charlton:
  • -US based
  • -45+ years
  • -Coach
  • -All industries
  • -250k annual revenue
The Adaptive Executive

  • The Adaptive Executive:
  • -Grossing 8-9+ figures or more annually.
  • -Consider the PEOPLE in your organization as your most valuable ASSET.
  • -Be steeped in the STRATEGY of your organization or business unit. This is typically a Executive C-Suite role (CEO, COO, CFO, CPO)
  • -Have at least 200 FTE’s or more
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  • The Business Gorillas:
  • -North America
  • -35+ years
  • -Online Business Owner, Owner
  • -Industry: info-product, eCommerce, SAAS, health supplements, coaches
  • -6-7 figures annual revenue

  • Brand-Forward Leadership:
  • -Global, but English speaking please
  • -Females only
  • -40+ years old
  • -Service-based business/thought leaders, Owners/Presidents of B2B
  • -Must earn minimum $100,000 annually
Breakthrough Brand Show

  • The Breakthrough Brand Show with Fabi Paolini:
  • -US only
  • -35+ years old
  • -High-authority experts, coaches, thought-leaders, or consultants
  • -Must earn minimum 6 figures annually
  • -No Product based businesses, please
Brilliant Leaders Spotlight PA 2-01 FINAL

  • Brilliant Leaders Spotlight:
  • -Owner/CEO/COO of any service company in the blue collar industries
  • -Should be 30-55 years old and married
  • -Earning $3 million annually
  • Can be located anywhere in the world
Business That Matters Spotlight

  • Business That Matters Spotlight:
  • -Urban businesses in Eastern time zone (USA & Canada)
  • -Entrepreneur, CEO/ President
  • -Must make $150k+ income
  • -Must care about your team, and have invested in furthering business education and training.

  • CEO & Founder Magic:
  • -US or Canada only
  • -40+ years old
  • -B2B CEOs & Founders with typically 1-2 marketing persons but no VP of marketing
  • -Technology Companies (SaaS, IT Services, Software Development, Data Centers, Cyber Security, Outsourcing), Construction (resellers to construction), Human Resources (primarily SaaS)
  • -Must earn $3-50M revenue annually
  • -NO B2C or Coaches/Consultants
Choosing Leadership logo

  • Choosing Leadership with Sumit Gupta:
  • -30+ years old
  • -United States, European, Middle Eastern, and Indian time zones
  • -C-Suite leaders (CEO / COO / CTO / CPO / CMO), Entrepreneur, Founder, Co-Founder, Senior Manager or Executive (midsize to large companies)
  • -Tech Companies
  • -$1M+ annual revenue
  • -Company should have 25+ employees
The Concierge CPA

  • The Concierge CPA:
  • -US only
  • -Accounting Firm Owner, CPA, or EA
  • -Must be grossing 6-figures or more annually

  • Conversations with Achievers:
  • -Worldwide location
  • -40-50 years old
  • -CEO or Owner of B2B in Distribution, Services, Technology, Finance, or Transportation
  • -Must earn $250,000+ annually
Conversations with Customer-Centric Coaches PA 2-01

  • Conversations with Customer-Centric Coaches:
  • -Worldwide location
  • -Business Coaches in any Industry
  • -Must earn $250,000+ annually
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  • Creating Powerful Impact Podcast:
  • -30-60 years old
  • -Owner, CEO, Founder, President
  • -Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurs, Business, Personal Development or Wellness/Health Coaches
  • -Must earn 6-7 figures annually

  • Dynamic Company Culture Spotlight:
  • -US only
  • -40-50 years old
  • -CFO or COO in any industry
  • -Earning $300,000 – $500,000 revenue annually
  • -Wants to leave a legacy and make a difference
Engaging Personalities PA-01

  • Engaging Personalities: Fascinating Conversations with Industry Leaders:
  • -US only
  • -Director of Sale Enablement, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales
  • -Revenue of 7-10 figures annually
  • -No specific industry
Ferocious Achiever PA 5-01

  • Ferocious Achiever:
  • -The Americas, Europe, Australia
  • -Founders, CEOs, Owners, Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives
  • -Any Industry
  • -Must earn $250K plus annually

  • Fight For Success:
  • -Australia, USA, New Zealand, or UK
  • -Coaches, Consultants, Agency owners of any industry
  • -Small business owners earning >$10k per month in revenue up to a maximum of 10 “key” people in the business

  • Get It Done Entrepreneurs:
  • -Us Only
  • -45-65 years old
  • -Founders/Business owner, Mid level mgmt Senior Executives or C-Suite Executives in all industries
  • -Minimum 500K net worth and 1M in annual gross revenue
  • -No consultants or coaches
GirlzWhoSell Spotlight

  • GirlzWhoSell Spotlight:
  • -Female preferred, 30+ years old
  • -U.S. and International
  • -Vice President to C-Level Sales (e.g. Chief Revenue Officer); HR or Diversity Leadership Position or Head of Sales; Sales, Marketing or Business Professor at a College and/or University
  • -Must have minimum 50 employees and a dedicated sales team
  • -Organization is committed to diversity hiring practices including the desire to increase the percentage of women in sales
  • -Must practice empowering and mentoring women
Great Mondays Radio

  • Great Mondays Radio:
  • -USA, Canada
  • -HR executives, culture leaders, and CEOs of high-growth technology companies that have raised a series B round or later
  • -Currently has between 200 and 2000 employees

  • Home Service Small Business SPOTLIGHT Podcast:
  • -US based
  • -18+ years
  • -Business Owner, Owner
  • -Industry: Home Services Industry (Disaster Restoration, HVAC, Plumbing, Cleaning Services)
  • -500K – 5M annual revenue

  • High Profit Event Show:
  • -USA, Canada, UK, Australia
  • -Business owners, thought leaders, coaches, and speakers who have been in business for 5+ years and have built a community, customer base, and culture of integrity
  • -30+ years old
  • -Has a team and infrastructure in place with 1-3 sales pros
  • -Has created own courses/books that have sold
  • -Must make $1+M annually and want to scale to $10M+

  • The Limitless MD: Freedom, Wealth and Human Optimization
  • -US based
  • -35+ years
  • -Physician, Specialist Doctor
  • -500k-750k annual revenue
  • -No Physician trainees
Leaders on the rise

  • Leaders on the Rise:
  • -US only
  • -CEOs, C-Suite Executive, Decision makers, Successful Business Leaders, Influential Entrepreneur
  • -Must be a Market leader, emerging midsize, or small business that is generating between $500k to $1mil annually
  • -Looking to grow and expand their brand and business
Ontario Business Leader Spotlight

  • Ontario Business Leader Spotlight:
  • -Must be located in Ontario, Canada
  • -CEO, CTO, COO, Owner/Founder of a service-based business
  • -Must have 51+ employees and a website

  • Passion on Purpose; Leaders on Center Stage:
  • -US only
  • -CEO, Founder, or Business Owner of any industry who are passionate about what they do
  • -Must earn 7+ figures annually

  • The Peak Performance Greatness Show:
  • -Must be 30+ years old
  • -Business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, VP, or C-Suite business leaders
  • -Real estate brokers, investors, and owners
  • -Must make $500,000 or more annually
  • -No coaches or consultants
People Strategy Leaders

  • People Strategy Leaders:
  • -US only
  • -25+ years old
  • -Head of HR, VP of HR, CHRO, CEO/C-suite, VPO, COO, President, VP of talent management, management consultant, HR analyst, head of employee experience or engagement
  • -All industries especially growing organizations that hire a lot of Millenials and Gen Z and are tech savvy
  • -No income requirements
The Provider's Egde Podcast Logo

  • The Provider’s Edge Podcast:
  • US only
  • -30+ years old
  • -Owners/Executives
  • -Medical, dental, or holistic practices
  • -Must make $250,000+ annually

  • Redefining Success: The Kingdom Builders Spotlight:
  • -US only
  • -40+ years old Owner, CEO backed by Venture Capital or Private Equity, VC/PE/IPO, Founding Member, Board of Director Oversight
  • -Any industry earning $750,000+ annual income for a business owner or $1+ million annual income for CEO of a business
  • -MUST BE faith-based, married with children, family stays important while building a business
  • -NO financial industries including investments and insurance

  • Sacrifice to Success:
  • -Persons in their mid-40s
  • -US only
  • -Business owners in the service industries for at least 2 years
  • -Must make $150,000+ annually
Savvy, Booked, & Blessed

  • Savvy, Booked, & Blessed:
  • -Female ONLY, 35+ years old
  • -US ONLY
  • -Coach or creative solopreneur who has been in business at least 1-2 years
  • -Must have 6+ figure income
  • -Looking for bold females who want to grow and expand their lives
Scaling for Business Growth Podcast PA-02

  • Scaling for Business Growth:
  • -45+ years old
  • -US ONLY
  • -CEO or Small Business Owner
  • -Must make $150,000+ annually
Secrets of the High Demand Coach

  • Secrets of The High Demand Coach:
  • -US only
  • -40+ years old
  • -Business Coaches, Consultants, Advisors, Workshop/Meeting Facilitators
  • -Must earn $80K+ annually

  • Success Beyond the BS:
  • -USA Only
  • -35-55 year old CEO, Entrepreneur/Founder, Professional
  • -Any industry
  • -$250,000+ annual income
Unlocking Leaders PA2

  • Unlocking Leaders
  • -Female Owners, Founders, and Entrepreneurs who are 40+ years old
  • -Any industry
  • -Business must earn $500K+ annually
  • -Must have a minimum of 10 employees
Unraveling Stakeholder Advocacy PA5-01 FINAL

  • Unraveling Stakeholder Advocacy:
  • -North America only
  • -40-60 years old
  • -CRO and CMO, VP of Marketing, VP of Revenue, VP of Growth, VP of HR (Tech companies), stakeholders, directors, leaders
  • -Any industry except finance
  • -Earning $10M+
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