Podcasts Coming Soon 2023 – RSVP for Early Access

These podcasts are coming soon and looking for guests

  • These shows are still in development but are accepting guests. The title may change - but the concept, authority, and audience, is ready for you to RSVP before we promote the guest opportunity to our full audience!
  • We design podcasts for established, high-authority business leaders. Despite being a new show, you can count on great visibility, an established audience, and high-value connections.
  • Please adhere to the guest requirements. Do not apply for shows you don't qualify for. Spammers get banned from our entire network.
  • Please watch my video. We are thrilled to advise our podcast hosts and companies to promote you heavily. The owners of these shows would also love the opportunity to network after the show and see if it might make sense to do business together in some way.
  • Bookmark / Add this page to your favorites. We update with new shows weekly!
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Hurry! These shows are currently accepting RSVPs for guest interviews. Once they fill up, they will no longer accept RSVPs and you'll be required to apply along with the rest of the podcast guest world.

Best-Kept-Secret Leaders

  • Lawyers, CPAs, Consultants, Advisors, Solopreneurs, Financial advisors
  • Leaders who deserve to be recognized among their competition.

The Art of Sales & Communication

  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Pros in any industry
  • Building for strong business growth over the next 12 months

Digitally Transforming the Insurance Industry

  • Lawyers, CPAs, Consultants, Advisors, Solopreneurs, Financial advisors
  • Wants to help insurance companies digitally transform their ecosystems

Leaders of Lasting Impact

  • Leaders, consultants, industry experts focused on making an impact in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the listening statistics for each show?

Most shows are going to be new and likely under 1000 downloads per episode. That said, every host should be a professional and provide your client/guest with a great experience. The host will most likely promote the appearance to all their social media audience – tagging/linking to the guest.

I want to email people first

We ask that you communicate everything through the booking form, so that we can keep everything in one place, please. If you need to send us PDFs, etc… Please upload them to Google, Dropbox, etc… and share the URL in the booking form.

Why are they hosting a podcast?

We work with our clients to start a podcast to grow an audience and network with amazing guests. Please watch my video at the top of this page.

Do I put MY contact info in the scheduling form?

Please include your information in the NOTES field. We need the GUEST'S contact info in the primary scheduling fields for scheduling/inviting/coordinating/tech issue purposes.

Do I talk to you guys (UpMyInfluence) about show details, etc...?

Each of our clients hosts their own show. We ask that you communicate directly with the host/show regarding any further coordination/scheduling issues.

Each week, we'll share 5 podcasts seeking guests.

We'll curate new shows we produce and those we find actively seeking new guests.

Enter your email – and we'll keep you updated with new opportunities.

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